5 on 5: Baseball Coach Kenny Flermoen

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5 on 5: Baseball Coach Kenny Flermoen

Second-year coach shares expectations for the coming season

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Coach Flermoen

Coach Flermoen has been involved with the baseball team at North Central for four years. He started as an intern, became the assistant coach, and is now in his second year as head coach.

Q. What are some of the goals you have for the baseball team this year?

A. Coach Flermoen: The biggest goal is to improve in two specific areas. The first is to realize our potential. It is hard to measure that, but if we can reach our potential, it will help us grow as a team. A second goal would be to improve defensively to protect our pitchers. That way we can be effective during the entire season.

Q. What are some obstacles your team is going to have to overcome this year?

A. Coach Flermoen: The biggest obstacle is going to be depth. Even though our team is growing, and we have great commitment, it takes more than 18 players to be effective. It’s great to have the numbers that we have, and I can see that our skill has dramatically increased from last season, but I think when we play five games a week it is going to be tough for us to compete because of our depth. We can overcome that obstacle by our commitment and the work ethic.

Q. What is your favorite part about coaching?

A. Coach Flermoen: There are specifically two things I love about coaching. The first thing is developing people. It’s part of who I am and how God created me. I love being able to sit down and talk with a player about life and how he can improve, not just as a baseball player, but as a person. The second part is the teaching aspect. I love being able to teach the game. As someone who knows a lot about how the game works strategically, I love the teaching aspect of it. I’ve never been interested in being a formal teacher, so baseball has always been my avenue for using the gifts I’ve been given in teaching.

Q. What do you want your team to take away most from this year?

A. Coach Flermoen: I want them to realize that their potential is higher than they think. I want them to know that they can reach the levels that they think they can’t get to. I want them to know that we are a developing team that is going somewhere, and that we aren’t stagnating. We are growing, we are becoming vibrant, and we are becoming an exciting team on campus that’s going to make a difference in the future.

Q. What has coaching taught you about yourself?

A. Coach Flermoen: Coaching has taught me to be prepared. I need to have a good understanding of what my vision is for long term. As the head coach, I’m looking at a perspective that most people aren’t looking at. It’s day-to-day, but it’s also this year, next year, and the years beyond. I need to be able to carry out the vision of what I believe the program can be.