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By Andrew Kinney
Staff Writer

For three days, students, staff, and faculty gathered in the Trask Word and Worship Center to capture the sentiment of North Central worship through live audio recording. In late March, after many weeks of work, North Central released its most recent worship album entitled, “Glory to God.”

The worship album contains songs written by both current and graduated North Central students. Worship Arts Specialist and fine arts professor Jeff Deyo also incorporated some of his own songs into the album.

Album Overview

The album opens with a prayer by North Central President Dr. Gordon Anderson. Dr. Anderson prays over the students, staff, and band, asking God to be clearly evident and present in their hearts. Following this prayer is the song “Exhilaration,” written by Evan John. It is an exciting song filled with emotion and expressions of new life in Christ.

“Glory,” sung by Stephanie McDonald, is a song about the grandeur of God through Jesus’ death and resurrection, his soon coming, and his final triumph over evil and the desperation of creation when Jesus returns to earth. The chorus repeats the melody, “Glory, glory, glory to the Lamb,” a common premise of the album. The North Central Chorale, in combination with the lead vocals, highlights the bridge of this song.

The album’s title song, “Glory to God,” sung by Brittany Lepard, tells of the goodness and love of God to humanity. The chorus presents the desire to worship God because of the good he has done, followed in the bridge by a confident hope we have in the promises of God and a longing to worship God among the angels in heaven one day.

Jon Carlos’ song, “I Will Go,” is a declaration for the spirit of missions. The lyrics offer a view of a servant’s heart over references made in scripture through the words “living sacrifice” in conjunction with a passage in Romans. The personal lyrics ask God to send the individual to share God’s love to people throughout the earth.

Real Students, Real Worship

Student voices within the audience were recorded using strategically placed microphones so that listeners would be able to get a natural feel for the sound of live North Central worship. The cries, prayers, and murmurs of students can be heard all throughout the collection of songs, giving the album sensitivity to candid worship.

Staff and faculty believed the period of recording was appointed and in accordance with God’s timing. Members involved with production made it clear that their intent and purpose was to capture the spirit of North Central worship so that it may be shared with those outside of the university.