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By Paisley Bennett
Staff Writer

On Jan. 24, freshman youth ministries major Bianca Gomez went to the emergency room. While there, she discovered that she had re-opened her stress fracture in her left leg during track practice on Jan. 22. The first time she had injured her leg was during her junior year of high school. Before leaving the emergency room, the doctor said she shouldn’t walk or put any pressure on her leg for four to six weeks. Thus, she ended up in a brace and on crutches.

Share and prayer

Four days after her doctor’s visit, Bianca was hanging out with a few friends and talking about what God has been doing in their lives. During their conversations, her friend, freshman youth ministries major Tara Jefferson, said that they would pray for her leg when they were done talking.

“We played worship music in the background and first asked the Holy Spirit to come into the room and remove any negativity or doubt that the Lord couldn’t heal my leg. After a few minutes the girls started to lay hands on my knee and leg and started to pray over my leg one by one,” said Gomez.

When they were done praying over her leg, Gomez stood up, feeling no pain at all. In four days, this was the first time she could bend her leg and feel no pain.

The next day, Gomez gave her father a call to tell him what had happened the previous night. Her father’s response to his daughter’s story was, “If God can heal my daughter, then he must be real!”