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A Website that creates grassroots for business and control for users.

By Joy Yerrick
Staff Writer

It has nearly 11 million users since its launch in 2010. 

It is the 3rd most popular networking site for hits per week.

Now, according to a study by Buzz Referrals, it’s leading Facebook and Twitters in referrals as well. 

Its practicality, simplicity, and visual appeal are reasons why Pinterest, the virtual pin board website, is rising to be one of the most popular online tools. 


Britta Jensen, English Literature major, has been using Pinterest for the last 6 months, after being persuaded by a friend to join the site. Jensen has created boards that have pins related to recipes, hairstyles, organizational tips, and home décor ideas.

“What’s nice about it is that it’s practical. There’s more to do rather than just simply look at,” Jensen said. “There’s more control than compared to Tumblr.” Jensen admits that most of the things she has pinned are “Pin Now, Read/Do Later”s. Pinterest allows for users to invest, in a sense, in what they pin for future use.

The use of Pinterest may end up changing the way people catalogue information. For example, a user can simply pin a handful of recipes into a food board in a matter of minutes compared to handwriting them or even typing them into a book. There, they can access their board online anywhere, search for items more quickly, and even share their board with friends. There has never been a faster and easier way for people to share ideas and information.


Caleb Norman, a Youth Ministry alumni and the photographer for EPIC Focus, began using Pinterest in May of 2012 when he was referred to the site by a friend.

“If I’m looking for something creative, I look on Pinterest to see if something will spark an idea,” said Norman. Norman admits to using the site for repins rather than pinning his own pictures. According to the study by Buzz Referrals, 80% of the pins on the website are repins.

“It’s simple. There’s not a lot of text and it’s picture driven.” said Norman, “It’s widely used…so I know that a lot of different things will come from corporate sites to people who have done some [photography] on their own.

Pinterest gives people direct access to big and small businesses, organizations, musicians, blogs, articles, and more by using pictures to connect users to the websites where they originated. Since Pinterest is photo focused, products and ideas are shared faster, to a wider audience and with more accessibility.

Forage Modern Workshop

The staff at Forage Modern Workshop, a furniture and home décor store in Minneapolis, have experienced the benefit of Pinterest themselves. Since opening online in April of this year and settling down shop in Minneapolis on September 6th, Forage has seen firsthand how the traffic from Pinterest has promoted their sales. By using creative ideas to spur buyers, Forage offers discounts and giveaways for users who repin products that they affectionately call, “Repin to Win!”

“We liked the fact that it was more of a grassroots way for people to be introduced to our products,” shared Rebekah Cook, business manager at Forage.

Forage Modern Workshop utilizes the site in two ways: First, to get their products out to people that they do not have a direct connection with and also to find other products. It saves them time by following other designers and people who have similar taste in furniture and décor design. Many of the designers that now collaborate with them are a direct result of networking on Pinterest.

“The great thing is people can repin the products and open it up to other groups of people.” Cook said. Pinterest gives users control over what trends they follow. Because users don’t have to be directly networked to each other’s boards in order to share pins, it makes sharing pictures much quicker.

For upcoming events, Forage Modern Workshop will be promoting their products on Pinterest. People who like modern, retro, and creative design are encouraged to visit any of their pages or to take a trip to their bricks and mortar store on Lake Street.

Whether personal or professional, Pinterest seems to be an online tool that is here to stay. Who knows? Maybe instead of recipe books being handed down through the years, it may be a small slip of paper- with a Pinterest link.

Pinterest: foragemodwrkshp
Facebook: ForageModernWorkshop
Twitter: @ForageModern_MN
Address: 4023 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406