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On-campus honor societies Lambda Pi Eta and Sigma Tau Delta promote academic achievement.

By Jordan Lofthus
Staff Writer

Student organizations are rapidly evolving and paving the way for a legacy. The academic organizations on campus are popular because they provide opportunities to meet new students and interact with others within the same major.

I am blessed to be part of an organization that not only wants to develop excellence in the gifts and talents God gave them, but they want to use that excellence to better serve their community and the world” said Victoria Pyron, Senior English Major and Sigma Tau Delta president.

Lamba Pi Eta is the official honor society for Communication Arts majors at North Central. Added in Spring 2012, Lambda Pi Eta is working hard to develop the society and encourage scholastic achievement among Communications students. To be eligible for Lamba Pi Eta you must have completed nine credits of communication courses and have a GPA of 3.0. Last semester, the society had their first induction ceremony and officially welcomed four students. They anticipate adding seven more students at the end of November with another ceremony.

Senior Media Communication Major Amy Lambert said, “We meet once a month to discuss the Open Mic, applications and inductions, and what we want this group to look like in the long run.”

Currently, Lamba Pi Eta is focusing mainly on a monthly poetry night.

“As of right now, we are partnering up with Sigma Tau Delta, the International Honor Society for English, and together we host ‘Undergrounds Open Mic’ once a month in the CYL Basement,” Lambert said. She encourages everyone to come read or recite poetry in a casual setting while enjoying a cup of coffee.

According to the official Sigma Tau Delta definition, “Sigma Tau Delta is the international English honors society that is dedicated to high standards of academic excellence and the promotion of English, including the areas of language, literature, and writing, along with serving society by fostering literacy.”

The society meets weekly or bi-weekly for the purpose of editing peers’ work and planning for future events. Six members are currently involved with potential members waiting to join. To become a part of Sigma Tau Delta students must complete at least 9 credits of English from North Central and maintain a GPA of 3.0.

Sigma Tau Delta also participates in multiple literary events located in the twin cities and is currently in the process of planning to go to a convention in Portland during spring 2013.

“At the convention, there will be members from all over the world, and we will possibly have the chance to read some of our work,” said Pyron.

Sigma Tau Delta runs a literary journal for NCU that was once called The Beard, and is now referred to as Wineskin.

Both organizations have been working to establish themselves while encouraging students in their respective majors to excel academically so as to become eligible and join the legacy for years to come.