Student Body President Rallies Community to Reach Out On Local and International Level

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By Jenny Scott
Staff Writer

North Central will host its first MobilePack event for Feed My Starving Children on Feb. 7 and 8. This event will integrate NCU members and community members together to pack meals for malnourished children around the world.

Nathan Hirsh, student body president and senior English major, began the dreaming process for this event last semester as he was running for president. His vision for the event is that it will draw in community members as well as North Central students, staff, and faculty.

“The process is simple, and one of the other reasons we’re excited about it is that we’ll be able to engage the Elliot Park community. We’ll be inviting Elliot Park residents to come and pack alongside our students, giving us an opportunity to show them the love of God,” said Hirsh.

Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit organization that raises money to pack food for children without food or means of receiving food. Each meal packed contains rice, soy, veggies, and a vitamin and mineral vegetarian chicken flavoring and costs 22 cents to produce.

Along with the ministry opportunity of packing the meals alongside community members, Feed My Starving Children has agreed to send all of the meals through Convoy of Hope, a Christian organization that also strives to feed the hungry children around the world.

According to Feed My Starving Children guidelines, a minimum of 100,000 meals must be packed at the event in order for it to be held. Hirsh estimates that if the event has the maximum amount of meal packers for the maximum amount of time, 800,000 meals will be packed. The fundraising required for that amount of meals is $180,000.

“We as a team do not have much experience with this kind of fundraising, but now with what we’ve learned we’ll be able to repeat the process much more smoothly and effectively, and we believe that the $180,000 is actually really attainable,” said Hirsh.

Hirsh envisions this MobilePack event as being the first of many at North Central and other Assemblies of God universities in the following years.

“This event is supposed to be the first of many like it that are focused on making an external impact – in both our local and our global community. We want what happens here at North Central to start leaking into the greater community,” said Hirsh.

Any student looking to get involved with this event is welcome to participate in both the meal packing and fundraising.

“There is no kind of fundraising students can’t do. It lets students rely on their giftings and callings. I think it is a really interesting way of pushing students to look at the way they do things now and start to pursue new opportunities,” said Hirsh.