Dear Readers – November

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“What are you doing after graduation?” That is the question I hear most in my life. I heard it once before when I was in high school, but this time I do not know what to answer. My first response was easy: “I’m starting this fall at North Central University in Minneapolis.” But now that I’m leaving this place, where will I go next?

I want to hop on a plane, travel the Seven Wonders of the World, and explore God’s creation while challenging my worldview. There are countries I have still not seen, other cultures I have not experience, and I need to continue to learn about myself. I will travel the world regardless of my relationship status; being alone is not a crime. It is normal to not be engaged or married after graduation. Although my ring finger is naked, and I am facing the dilemma of finding a job, many graduates are in the same position as me.

In a perfect world, my dream job would be waiting for me right after I graduate. I am scared for those who expect jobs to be handed to them instead of working hard to find them. It is important to remain positive throughout this journey to getting a first job as a college graduate. Be reassured that you will fail many times, you will never get what you want, and you won’t be always right.

One thing I’ve learned while applying for jobs is that making connections and gaining experience is vital. Continue to soak up your professors’ wisdom. Get a mentor who can keep you sane and who will also encourage you in your relationship with Christ. Start volunteering in your specific field and explore different career options. Also, do not burn any bridges with friends or fellow classmates; those relationships may mean a lot to you now, but you may benefit further from them in the future. Do not fear the future. Do not panic if you are unsure which path to take. Continue to dream big and do not let anyone convince you that achieving it is impossible.

In less than ten days I’ll enter a new realm of life, and will carry with me the tools to be successful. I am scared about making the wrong decision, but I will rely on God’s truth to guide me to the places I need to be. I pray that I will remain devoted to God’s calling on my life, no matter how difficult the voyage may be.







Kayla Grell