Seeking God in the Upper Room

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New prayer room on campus opens in hopes of bringing revival on campus.

By Brian Jones
Staff Writer

Upper Room was launched on Oct.1, 2012, as a prayer room that gives opportunity for students to seek after God. The Upper Room is located on the third floor of Liechty Hall and is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday every week. Besides ongoing prayer, there is a coffee station, bible reading, and music during these open times.

Three co-directors are in charge of overseeing the Upper Room. They are: Jesika Austad junior psychology major, Chad Gerlach sophomore pastoral studies major and Michael Taylor senior intercultural studies major.

The directors are excited to see the effect this prayer room will have on North Central University.

“Our campus is open and ready for a move of God,” said Austad. “The Upper Room is where that move can be realized, born, and fostered through prayer.”

Under the three directors, there will also be a variety of student overseers in charge of maintaining the Upper Room. The overseers will take alternating shifts to be available for prayer, manage the room, and keep track of how many people are attending.

This room has the potential to be a place where students can experience growth in their relationship with God, as well as have the ability to help others. Students around campus have noticed this potential as well.

“When I first heard about the Upper Room, I was excited,” said Anna Brouwer junior interdisciplinary studies major. “It is a good place to get away from everything and seek God, especially with Liechty Hall being a few blocks away from the rest of campus.”

The directors hope to set the tone early that this is not a common area, but a place of prayer and something to continue growing over time.

“We want to see a new passion for prayer rise up on this campus,” said Taylor. “When people pray, things happen! Prayer not only impacts the people we pray for, but also transforms our own hearts.”