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By Joy Yerrick
Staff Writer

3 Degrees Ministries: a church, a space for weekly prayer, a hot spot for youth group, and a nightclub venue all in one. Meeting primarily on Wednesday evenings at 3 Degrees Ministry Center and Sunday mornings at Epic Event Center, the congregation takes pride in their diverse community as well as their chill and welcoming atmosphere.

3 Degrees Ministries (3 Degrees) has come a long way. From its first church service in 1989— hosted at a bar in northeast Minneapolis—to the diverse community it is now, this mobile church has experienced what it means to trust God with everything.

“We’ve always been on the cutting edge of things,” said Pastor Nancy Aleksuk. “There hasn’t ever been anybody we can call up and go, ‘How do we do this?’ We had to get it from God.”

Since moving to their new downtown location last year, pastors Nancy and husband Steve have been focused on integrating the church into the neighborhood, and vice versa.

“We have a smaller congregation, but we love our church and we love being downtown. We really feel that God wants to have a presence in this area, in the entertainment area, in the warehouse district,” said Aleksuk.

3 Degrees has a variety of ministries it offers. The following is just a sample: men’s and women’s ministries, youth, children, and singles’ ministries; three to four weekly prayer groups, youth group, and a weekly evangelism ministry. Coming soon is a prison ministry and in June, a missions trip to Haiti.

Michigan native Jonathan Glenn has been attending 3 Degrees since he moved with his family last year.

“We felt at home,” said Glenn. “God has brought us a really unique group of people.”

3 Degrees offers an opportunity for the Minneapolis area. Because of its proximity and location in the downtown area, it is an open door for people who wouldn’t normally step into a church. 3 Degrees Ministries has made a name for itself in the entertainment arena by hosting many bands and events; they strive to be a light in the music industry. Just minutes away from North Central, 3 Degrees is a ministry worth checking out.

“We’re not trying to follow anyone’s pattern,” said Alesksuk. “We’re just trying to do what God wants us to do, and so far, that’s been successful.”