Dear Readers,

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As October comes to an end, November begins with an important event that allows you to exercise your freedom to vote. For most students it will be the first time you will vote. The only advice I can give you is to be well informed about each candidate. If you have been unable to watch the presidential debates, make sure to find the videos online and watch them battle it out.

Do not rely on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to help you form your own view of each candidate. Although it may be hard to filter out all the political comments from the people you follow or who show up on your news feed, read with caution.

We are more influenced by the people closest to us than what we may think. Do not be afraid to vote outside of what your parents may vote for. No one has to know whom you vote for, only you and God.

Remember that this is your time to be an adult. Take voting seriously. You are an American who has the right to vote. Not everyone in the world has a hand in who is elected leader of his or her country. Take advantage of this monumental day and become a part of creating history.

If you have no motivation to register or even research candidates and their political parties, do not vote. I encourage you to be genuinely educated before you stand in line on Wednesday and cast your vote. You wouldn’t jump out of a plane with out knowing how to deploy your parachute, so do not check any box before knowing the name next to it.






Kayla Grell