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Living Healthy as a College Student.

By Sam Olmstead
Staff Writer

Many students have heard of the “freshman 15,” many have seen it, and some have felt it.

As assistant director of the recreation and wellness department Molly Magstadt suggests, students need to start healthy habits now, because, if they cannot eat healthy and live an active lifestyle now, what makes them think they will be able to do so after college?

“Eating and living healthy isn’t difficult, it just takes discipline,” said Magstadt.


The list of benefits to living a healthy lifestyle has no end. Living better, looking better, and living longer are just a few benefits. The National Sleep Foundation reports that eating fruits and vegetables for antioxidants and getting enough sleep will decrease the chance of getting an infectious cold or flu.

The first step to living an affordable, healthy lifestyle is to stop spending money on unhealthy food. Places around North Central University such as the Birchwood Café, Red Steak Supper Club, and Rusty Taco all offer healthy food choices alongside the school’s cafeteria choices of fresh fruit and vegetables.




The recreation and wellness department is motivating students to get active by using a punch card system. For every visit to the fitness center or to a fitness class, students get a hole punched in their cards; once they have 12 done, the student will be entered into a drawing for gift cards to places such as REI and Sports Authority.

“Small goals accomplished lead to a life changed,” said Magstadt.

Whether a freshman trying to lose the dreaded “15” or a student wanting to establish healthy habits for the future, Magstadt encourages making small changes now.