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Launch of new study abroad program provides new opportunities for North Central students.

Staff Writer

Launching into study abroad, students gain opportunities in foreign countries to further their education. This is coordinated by the Study Abroad Policy Council, which works with overseas programs to create affordable, educational experiences for students.

“Studying oversees will widen students’ perspectives and enrich their understanding of the human condition. It will help them to become educated people,” said Glen Menzies, director of the council.

This semester Alyssa McKnight senior biblical studies and languages major and Melissa Kirk junior biblical languages will be studying the Bible and theology at Ridley Hall, an evangelical seminary located in Cambridge, England. This educational opportunity will be a new cultural experience for both women.

“I hope to make connections with people there, and also learn a lot about myself. I have a dream to teach in the biblical area and I’m excited to study somewhere outside of NCU,” said McKnight.

Kirk is also excited about her semester abroad, and believes that studying abroad this semester is part of God’s plan for her life.

“The Lord placed this opportunity smack dab in my lap. I’m glad I am willing to take hold of it and see what He has in store,” said Kirk.

There are also two more study abroad opportunities in the spring semester. One group will travel to Bangkok, Thailand, through a program known as APSAI (Asian Pacific Student Abroad Initiative), and another to Xi-An, China.

Diane Campbell, director of the Antioch Center, comments that with seeing other cultures, students receive an unwritten education. Their experience and insight go beyond class theory as they gain clarity and meaning within cultural contexts.

Katy Wehr, office manager for the Institute for Biblical and Theological Studies, also sees the importance of going overseas.

“I just think studying abroad is a great way for students to experience new cultures, have their minds expanded and challenged, and have new experiences to bring back,”said Wehr.

North Central plans to continue expanding the study abroad opportunities for years to come and allow more students to continue their education while traveling.