Graduate Classes to Launch in Jan. 2013

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Dr. Susie Brooks takes the helm and sails into new horizons.

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Currently for students at North Central University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree is the highest level of education attainable. However, as early as January 2013, graduated students will have the option to attend graduate classes here as well.

Dr. Susie Brooks was recently hired as the dean of graduate studies. Originally from Kenya, Dr. Brooks has come a long way to North Central. Before being hired, Dr. Brooks worked for Bethel University helping develop their doctoral and MBA programs.

Dr. Brooks has been working hard preparing the graduate program. Current proposed courses include spiritual leadership, global leadership, leadership strategies, strategic planning and interpersonal management.

When asked her opinion on the new graduate classes, senior psychology major Lenae Miller said, “I think it is a great opportunity for students to further their education in a faith-based environment. This gives NCU more opportunities to pull in even more students.”

Claire Montenegro, North Central’s associate director of processing in the admissions office and a 2005 graduate of North Central, also believes that these graduate classes are a step in the right direction.

“As a NCU alumna, this is very exciting. I am more proud of the school I attended,” said Montenegro. “It adds to the legitimacy of the institution, and I know it will be successful.”

In reference to where the graduate classes are headed, Dr. Brooks said, “We are working towards approval for a certificate program as well as masters’ programs, but in the meantime, individual courses are being offered through our graduate studies department.”