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“Anxiety, Excitement, and Anticipation have started to flow…”


73 days till graduation.  Everyone and their mom have been asking me what my plan is after I graduate. Sparks note version: I am moving to Colorado where I will be searching for my big girl job.

Perhaps while I am there I will do some hiking through the beautiful Rockies or attend a Mumford and Son’s concert at Red Rocks venue. Although a change of scenery sounds thrilling, I am scared of the unknown and what the future holds.

Along with new chapters beginning in my life, comes a mix of emotions. Anxiety, excitement, and anticipation have started to flow through my body. The next couple of months are going to be grueling. Slowly, but surely I have been bidding farewell to my social life and setting reminders on my phone to eat.

Word to the wise to all underclassmen, take advantage of your remaining years at North Central. Enjoy finishing your bible minor classes and late night movies and Taco-Bell runs. As soon as you hit the final year(s) packed with major core classes, your priorities will shift. You may see a transformation in your friends and have to strive to work harder to maintain those relationships.  Do not fret if you are not wed or spoken for by the time you graduate, your time will arrive.

I am proud to say I am not a fifth year senior and it is possible to graduate in three and a half years. Through out these years I have consumed myself with poor choices; either in relationships, money expenses or lack of time management. Do not waste time on insignificant obsessions and silly drama. Put your energy into your future and what Christ has called you to do and be.

To all of my fellow classmates graduating in December, good luck, finish strong, and know that I will be seeing you at the finish-line.  In the words of the Kings of Leon, “Be Somebody”.






Kayla Grell