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Another school year is coming to a close. Graduating seniors are anxiously awaiting the day they will walk across the stage, receive their hard earned diplomas, and start the new season God has for them.

Senior youth ministry major, Zach Mueller, is excited and awestruck about what God is leading him to do once he walks across the stage.

“In December, God incredibly blessed me and I accepted the position of Student Ministries Pastor at Poplar Creek Assembly of God Church in New Berlin, Wisconsin,” Mueller said.

After attending North Central for four years, he will be returning to his Wisconsin roots.

“I will be heading up a youth ministry with ten super awesome youth leaders, a school evangelism program that started in Poplar Creek Church and has spread to six other states across the map, a booming FCA group, and a brand spanking new youth facility. I’m excited about this crazy journey that God is getting me ready for once I graduate,” Mueller said.

When asked what things he will miss about North Central, he said,

“The opportunity to have some awesome youth ministry professionals teaching me new things daily, all nighters doing nothing school related just to hang out with friends, and not taking my ring by spring more seriously.”

Some advice he would leave for incoming freshman would be to stay humble and be teachable.

“Come in and take advantage of every moment and every opportunity here,” said Mueller.

After the much anticipated walk across the stage, senior intercultural studies/international development/TEFL major Annie Laurie Anderson plans on grabbing her diploma, raising her hands up in the air and screaming, “I made it! – and then sitting down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with her fiancé.

“But seriously, after graduation I plan on spending a few weeks here in Minneapolis then heading home for a month to spend time with my little sister. Then, in July, I am getting married to the best man that I could have ever asked for,” said Anderson.

After getting married, the two will be leaving for overseas work.

“We are heading to China to teach English at a University for a year. I am excited about what God has in store for my fiancé and I. The last four years at North Central have changed my view on how to operate overseas and NCU has given me a deep desire to go to the hard places around the world and live there,” Anderson said.

Senior mathematics major Taylor Molenda doesn’t have his life mapped out quite yet.

“I don’t know if I plan on doing anything with my major, which is mathematics. I think that my time here at North Central was more for the journey and the lessons learned and the friends made more than anything,” said Molenda.

One of the most important decisions he has made while being at North Central was having a quality group of friends.

“Because of my friends, I have been challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and do something great,” said Molenda.

He is currently planning on going overseas in the fall for a few months with the relief organization, Convoy of Hope.

“After that I am not sure where the Lord will take me following that time. I pray that wherever I go, I can be used as His hands and feet,” said Molenda.

There also is a possibility that he goes overseas to teach English as a foreign language.

“I am not sure if that will happen or not yet. I go back and forth on a lot of the possibilities, but whatever I do, I will try to be appreciative of where I am and give God the glory.”