Not Another Wasted Summer

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By Loren Wright
Production Manager

It’s the final countdown. (For those of you who now have that song stuck in your head, I’m sorry. Better yet, you’re welcome.) Anyways, within a matter of a few days, summer will be upon us, yet again. It’s a good time to soak in some rays, get the proper 12 hours of sleep that every student deserves and start the four month span where the only new information learned is through endless tweets.

I love the sound of all of those ideas as much as the next guy, but what if instead of wasting the next couple months we made it a point to be productive this summer? As I see it, summer is not just the time to rest, but also the time to think about the future.

This fact especially holds true as it relates to those who are graduating within the next week. As school ends, summertime is the prime time to put that fresh degree into action by venturing out and searching for that dream job. (I promise the job is out there, you just have to find it).

If you are not graduating this spring, summer still remains as the prime productivity season. Times like this are perfect to start thinking about growing up. Pick up a summer job and start saving money for next school year. This is a good time in life to start becoming financially independent from your parents. Taking small steps to become independent now will help in a very big way later in life.

With summer right around the corner, many are thinking about what it will be like to have no obligations. Though the thought of this sounds nice right now, in a few years you’ll be happy you made the choice to not waste yet another four months.