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Feature Editor

I’m planting a garden. When I was a kid in Nebraska there were a few summers that my mom and I would take care of a garden together but it was her thing more than mine. I was the fair weather gardener between us two, only being present to put the seeds in the ground and eat the veggies when they were ready. When the thousands of weeds popped up after the first rain, I had had enough.

This summer is going to be different though. With the help of my boyfriend, we are going to turn an overgrown 22 x 13 garden plot into the Garden of Eden. We have grand plans of having enough vegetables and herbs to keep us from going to the store for months; in our minds we see this grand scheme of becoming self-sufficient, saving tons of money, and harvesting Food Network worthy picturesque produce. Once July hits though, I have a feeling we will just be praying for a few tomatoes to pick and if we’re lucky, an edible green bean or two.

Whatever happens, it will be an experience. Our plot is a community garden area right behind Z House, so come check in on how progress is going if you feel so inclined.

All this to say, we’re starting our summer off as optimistic as possible and excited for what will come of our efforts. I always try to have a purpose for my summer and use it as something other than a time to be, ironically enough, a “vegetable”.