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Sports Editor

February 18 it became official. Elisabeth Trickey took her place in the NCU record books by becoming the all-time record steals leader for Women’s Basketball. The previous record of 334 steals in a career was broken Saturday in a 20-point, 9-steal, 7-rebound game by Trickey boosting the Rams to a 64-42 win over Faith Baptist Bible College. Trickey came into the game needing 3 steals to break the record, and it took her a remarkably short 8 minutes to achieve it.

The junior psychology major seemed calm, cool, and collected during her record-breaking game, but Trickey herself said otherwise.

“I went into the game pretty nervous. I just wanted to get it over with so I could stop thinking about it,” said Trickey. “I was so nervous, once I got it I was like, finally, now I can just play and not think about it.”

After the game, Trickey gave some key people credit for her record-breaking accomplishment. “Thank you God – seriously, all the glory to Him. I was also very happy that my parents got to see me get it because they have been there from the start.”

Trickey may have cemented the steals record for now, but she still has not stopped looking forward to next season.

“Next year my focus will be on getting my 1,000th point,” said Trickey. With her level of play and confidence it will not be hard for Trickey to achieve her goal as is she is only 14 points away.

Trickey is less nervous about achieving her next record, saying, “If it happens, it happens.”