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Ten days in an urban community of oppressed people can definitely shift your worldview. This is what the 13 members on the LA Dream Center team learned during their 10-day stay in Los Angeles.

The team hit the roads and ventured across the Western U.S. the Friday before Spring Break, arriving at the center on Sunday night. The Dream Center’s motto is to “find a need and fill it.” The organization houses and feeds over 700 people daily, running entirely on donation and volunteers.

During the week, the Ninedays team volunteered with six different ministries performing a variety of work. They worked with the food truck and on Skid Row with over 5,000 homeless people. They also brought food to families at risk to lose their kids and spent time with kids in government housing.

“The Lord opened my eyes through experiences to see his people past their failures to the hope for their future,” said Team Leader and elementary education major Kate Pilman. “He also changed my intentions with my interactions with people. My motive should be to share the love and joy of Christ, not just get through my day.”

The most memorable experience on the trip for several of the team members was their time serving food on Skid Row. The area contains one of the largest stable populations of homeless persons in the United States, totaling over 4,000, according to several estimates.

Freshman Megan Good’s heart was changed towards that community: “Each person had a story, and it was such a blessing to stop and talk with them,” said Good.

Even though it was only a short-term trip, the Lord opened the team members’ eyes to the brokenness in the world and “blew [their] minds.”

“I have a new sense of who I am in Christ and how my life is not for me, but it is for others around me,” Good said.