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Summer is right around the corner and with that comes the opportunity for adventure. From overseas missions to dream internships to simply making some money, NCU students are ready for a new chapter in their lives.

Senior children’s ministry major Jordan Brokaw is expecting great things from his summer plans. This summer, Brokaw will be traveling and playing bass guitar with the evangelistic music group called “No Longer Music.” The tour will be stopping in Germany, Turkey, Iraq, Kosovo, Czech Republic and Poland beginning in early June and ending in late August.

“I’m excited to grow and be stretched, see God work in some crazy ways, and be able to play music with incredible people,” said Brokaw.

If you are looking to support him this summer, you can do so by going to

Another student that has an exciting summer planned is freshman Recording Arts major Ashley Hershberger. Hershberger has decided to not take classes this summer and will be staying on campus working with the housekeeping department.

“This will be my first job on campus. I’m excited for the new job, but also the chance to hangout with friends since I’ll be on campus all summer,” said Hershberger.

Another student that will be spending her summer in the Twin Cities is sophomore Social Work major Rachel Hulsizer. She has plans to continue working at her current job at the downtown Minneapolis Holiday Inn unless other options arise. With the rest of her time she could end up taking some summer classes, spending time at home, or vacationing the days away.

Summer possibilities are endless. In a perfect world where the four months are spent exploring the globe, traveling to foreign places, interning with your dream job, or even having the opportunity to work and pay for tuition.