Spring Fever Strikes Again

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Production Manager

It’s true. Spring has arrived. The sun is out; the beloved crows are back. And the biggest change of all: the desire to spend time inside working on academics has shown a significance decrease. This, fellow students, is what is known as spring fever.

Now, this new attitude is not necessarily a bad thing. Spring fever, like many other things in life, serves a purpose when dealt with in small doses. It’s when we spend too much time doing those seasonally exciting things that we begin to feel overwhelmed by the number one thing that actually does matter. School.

I know, I said it. I’m sorry. But, if it weren’t for that six-letter word, none of us would be here. I would say that you should probably stop reading this if I have offended you in any way, but let’s be honest: the words that you’re reading right now are distracting you from that Moodle quiz anyways. So, you know what, you’re welcome.

One thing that is important to remember is that you are a student and as tempting as the sun can be, don’t lose sight of the prize. With only five more weeks until classes are over, schoolwork is only going to pick up all the more.

Instead of suggesting to neglect the sunlight altogether, I would recommend balancing your schedule by setting time aside for work, but also time to enjoy yourself.  Ensuring that you are not hiding from natural vitamin D will also increase your overall health.

So have fun. Don’t quite put away your Old Testament textbook and make sure that you are staying true to your academics. Don’t, however, forget about that longboard hiding away in the back of your closet. It needs you just as much as you need it.