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I’ve caught spring fever. Sitting down to write even a measly 250 words seems like an impossible feat when I’m gazing wistfully out my window at games of Frisbee, girls catching a few sun rays, and bikers speeding by.

The need to digress a bit from my regular writings on budgeting seemed necessary in attempts to honor the onset of spring and the taste of summer just around the corner.

For me, summer brings simplicity. In the past few months I’ve become more and more interested in living a year round simplistic lifestyle rather than just those few carefree months from May-August.

The obsession with “having” rather than “doing” is what I’m working to eliminate. By this I mean being so over-run with the material world that the natural and relational connections are nowhere to be found. Practically speaking, if you’re going to be a glutton for something, be a glutton for experiences and life adventures rather than “things”.

I’m taking steps towards this lifestyle. Every month since January I’ve gotten rid of/donated ten items that I own and it’s freeing feeling! The goal is to be down 120 items in a year, and to be honest, I haven’t missed anything that I’ve thrown out. Join me on my adventure if you so choose.

It’s a whole lot easier to figure out what to wear in the morning when you have fewer options to choose from; and, remember those shoes that you’ve been saving for the past year for that “special occasion?” Well, let’s be honest; if it’s been 12 months since you bought them and they’re still perfectly clean, it’s time to let them go.