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To the Ninedays:France team who prayer walked and witnessed the culture of North African immigrants, the week spent in Toulouse, France far exceeded their expectations.

The France team spent most of their time encouraging and assisting missionaries in the field. Evangelism as we know it in America is not allowed among the French people, so the team had to serve in different ways. This included walking with the missionaries, spending time serving with them, and helping them in their work with nearby university students.

While working with the GO Team in Toulouse, Ninedays:France saw strong relationships built and connections formed. The team also supported many different organizations outside of their work with the GO Team.

The first way in which they served was campus crusade (agape), a program that builds relationships with college students to show them the love of Christ. The second organization they worked with was English live, a coffee shop experience where French citizens are given an opportunity to utilize and improve upon their English skills. The team also was given the privilege of working in a womens’ shelter as their last service opportunity.

Emily Matthews, a Junior Elementary Education major and team member said, “I loved showing people what a relationship with Jesus is by being an example of a good friend- taking the time to listen and sharing your life with others.”