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The Ninedays: Asia team this year saw the city through the lens of a bustling coffee shop as well as a plethora of other metropolitan experiences. Good food, new friends, and relational ministry made for a week of cultural excitement.

Along with spending time in the shop, the team of three students also had the opportunity to meet with and experience many other ministries. These ministries included: a chocolate store raising money to help women escape prostitution, an Italian restaurant that hires young men off the streets and a bakery that funds a wide-reaching deaf aide program.

At both the chocolate store and the Italian restaurant, the team had the opportunity to help with promotions and attracting more business. They went out into the streets and handed out flyers, interacting with the people around them. The impact of their effort was immediate judging by the faces of the locals. Throughout the week, numerous friendships were built and the team left with a renewed heart towards the people of Asia.

Senior Intercultural Studies major Annie-Laurie Anderson said, “Asia changed my heart toward university students all around the world. The hospitality and service that was shown was an unexpected surprise that I loved. There is a great need for long term workers; the people there are hungry for a purpose.”