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Five days in a rustic cabin infused with the warmth of a wood fire. This is where the Ninedays Prayer Team spent their week praying for Ninedays field ministry teams and growing closer with each other and the Lord in the woods of northern Wisconsin.

The cabin was buried deep in the woods at the Wilderness Fellowship Lodge in Frederic Wisconsin, nestled between Spirit Lake and Rice Lake. Each day started with individual prayer time that merged into co-leader prayer time for their specific Ninedays teams. During the afternoon, free time was given and the day wrapped up with group worship.

Going into the trip, Co-team Leader and sophomore psychology major Jesika Austad said, “My expectations were for there to be intense praying, stepping up into the confidence and authority of Christ, and growth. I do think that they were met.”

The team experienced significant spiritual growth on the trip. The Holy Spirit moved on the trip and grew a heart for prayer within each member.

“I learned that God gives us words to say because He is validating the authority He gave us,” said senior intercultural studies major Amy McGill.

The trip stretched each member individually. Members were posed with challenges to fight the attacks of the enemy and be vulnerable with one another. Strong endurance was developed as they continued to pray.