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Never again will I go with out meat for a whole month. I am embarrassed to say that I did not make it two weeks before I caved and had some chicken. It was difficult to discipline myself to change my eating habits. One thing I would do differently next time I decide to make a lifestyle change, would be to do more research on the topic.

I will confess, I only worked out once the whole month.  If only Jillian Michaels was screaming in my ear every day telling me to run harder and to eat more green.

If you decide to make goals for yourself, make realistic ones. Especially if you make a lofty goal like I did about being able to run five miles with out stopping.

One thing I found out about myself through out this journey of becoming a vegetarian is that I drink way too much coffee everyday to wake myself up. A friend of mine mentioned to me that drinking a glass of water every morning helps to replenish the water I missed out on during the night. I took that advice and started drinking water as soon as I woke up, and it actually worked!

Now, my obsession with Starbucks still lingers in my life, but I have held back on the amount of drinks bought in a weeks time. With the help of my roommates influence, I have grown founder of tea, especially loose-leaf tea.

Probably the craziest thing I did this past month was cut my hair short and dye my hair dark brown. Mid-life crisis? No, I like the fact I can change my appearance when ever I want. If only I could be more motivated to take care of my body from the inside out.

While I was trying to figure out how to accomplish these goals, God reminded me of how important it is to spend alone time with him. I am constantly busy with my school life and social life that I forget to refill my spiritual cup daily.