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When I hear people throwing pity parties about not having money, I admit, I’m usually pretty skeptical. It’s my nature to question, so when I hear someone make a claim like this, my brain usually starts ticking.

If you were inside my brain at that moment, my thoughts would probably sound something like this: I wonder how many times they made fast food runs this week? I think she could live with four pairs of jeans instead of fourteen. Was that new iPhone really worth it? Tell me, did you actually think your life would end if you didn’t see that movie the day after it came out?

These statements are all in good fun, so please don’t be offended, but I do believe that so many of us drop a little bit of money here and there without much thought to how quickly it adds up.

The average person spends $11 a day and $4015 per year on unnecessary expenditures. By trimming your budget even slightly, the amount of money you could save for more substantial purposes is exponential.

I have a quick list of some money saving tips for you to consider.

Cut out pop and coffee purchases, shop clearance racks, rent from Redbox or visit the Riverview theater for cheap movies, keep your tires inflated to save on gas, get creative with homemade decorations, use coupons and online promotional codes, and refrain from late night fast food runs—get creative with cooking in your apartment or dorm room!

Live frugally.