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We have heard the phrase a million times: ring by spring. Although it may not feel like it, the Spring Equinox is less than a month away, and with it comes proposals aplenty.

With the stressed emphasis on marriage here, there is only one thing keeping us from such a horror. While it seems like a big step, the first date is actually nothing.

I know I will receive a lot of flak for saying this, but let me spit some hot fire of truth at you. Recreational dating doesn’t make you a player, nor a slut, tramp, or floosy.

Asking a girl out on a date is simply that. A first date could be the start of something great, leading to a life of happiness, children, and debt, or it could be what it is.

While the prospect of a long relationship is enough to drive a man insane, the truth is is that going into a first date thinking of the future is just plain silly. There is too much stock put into one thing.

The common misconception most people have is that a first date means dating.

Asking a girl on a walk is not a proposal. Although it may be only the two of you, getting to know a person of the opposite gender for the sake of getting to know them is not an irresponsible thing.

I’ve never really liked how dating’s been handled here, but at the same time it comes down to your own personal philosophy. Whether you prefer to throw yourself out there, and let it be known that you find that particular person attractive, or beat around the bush, and wait for someone else to tell her everything you’ve wanted to say is up to you.