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Is it ridiculous that I bought my birthday outfit four months in advance for my golden birthday? I am overly excited to turn 21. I am usually not a planner, but in preparation for my birthday, I wanted to do something I have never done before each month before I turned a year older.

Have you ever made a new years resolution thinking that you were going to actually go through with it but in reality you never did even make attempt to.

I have carefully planned out goals that I want to accomplish each month leading up to my birthday.

In February I want to change my eating lifestyle like that of a vegetarian. Also I want to go with out drinking Starbucks coffee for a whole month. Now, you need to know that I have a large enough obsession with their coffee that I budget out money each month for it. I’m sure my body will go through caffeine withdrawals. Along with changing my eating habits and getting rid of my coffee addiction, I should follow the trend of health and add a fitness goal of trying to run five miles with out stopping. I need to invest in a personal trainer, or have someone yelling in my ear pushing me to keep going.

Something that will keep me motivated throughout February, will be the thought of eating a juicy Lucy for the first time. If you know of any great restaurants that serve those delicious burgers, let me know. Maybe I will go on a tour of Twin Cities in search of the best juicy Lucy in March.

Here comes probably the biggest challenge for me yet, wear one color of clothing for a whole month. I am open to suggestions as to what color I should wear. Honestly do not think I could last a week wearing the same color. I will probably get very frustrated with the lack of outfit possibilities. This goal really has not purpose other than to teach myself the lesson of living a simplistic life. Who says you have to wear a different outfit everyday for a year?

Look forward to hearing about my journey to achieve these goals before I turn 21.

If you have any suggestions on vegetarian eating habits, how to run five miles or where to find the best juicy Lucy contact me at the following:

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