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Below, you’ll find summaries of what each Ninedays 2012 team leader is doing regarding their trip. After you read each Team Leader Bio, go to our contest page to vote for two Ninedays team leaders to win a $350 scholarship to their trip!


Ninedays: Kenya

Leading a Ninedays trip to Kenya was absolutely not something that I envisioned myself doing a year ago. I had gone on a couple missions trips previously, and planned on doing more in the future, but leading a trip to a different continent was not something I had on my radar.

This past spring I applied for the position of Resident Advisor in Carlson Hall, and was extremely disappointed when I was turned down for the job. I fully expected not to participate in a leadership role this year, but just prior to spring break I received an email asking me to consider applying for the position of Team Leader for a Ninedays trip. I had never even thought of this before, but I decided to pray about it over break. Somehow, I ended up getting hired. This was terrifying, but I trusted that God knew what he was doing.

When we considered location options for trips, Haiti immediately jumped out at me. I picked it as my first option, with Kenya as my second. It took the whole summer for our trip destinations to be confirmed, and during that time I was expecting and preparing myself for a trip to Haiti. I was somewhat shocked when I heard that I was leading a trip to Kenya, and not Haiti. I got over it quickly, and since then my passion for this trip has continued to grow. That sort of describes how this entire process has gone for me. Nothing has gone the way I would have expected it to, and I’ve had to let go of my plans and trust that God is working things out.

For me, this trip is not about my wants. If it were then I would be going to Haiti, or not going on a trip at all. But I believe that this is exactly where God wants me to be, and I trust that He is leading me in the right direction. He has put me in this spot, and all I am trying to do now is be faithful to His will.


Ninedays: Asia

Living in this current age we have such tremendous opportunities available to us those in years past could never have dreamt possible. Planes that can take us around the world, e-letters that arrive in London within seconds, twitter, Bibles available virtually anywhere and in any of 100 plus different translations, must I continue? God asked that we go into all the world and share the Good News with everyone. The kicker is we as humans do not like to go beyond our comfort bubble of familiarity and safety. I have witnessed first hand what God can do with a life that is surrendered completely to Him and is willing to trust God with everything. There is so much more to life then what we know and are familiar with here.

I am so excited for the opportunity to be stretched and used by God in Asia doing whatever seems best to Him! Is it scary? Most certainly, but God is faithful right? When we truly take that to heart and believe that “the best is yet to come,” there is a whole new level of joy, trust, awe that comes in stepping out in faith. My dream is that every North Central student would catch a glimpse of the greater picture God is about painting.

I love what Brian Houston of Hillsong Church says, “You were born for a cause that embraces humanity, resonates from heaven. It is a cause that bridges history and alters eternity.” Are you ready to step out and be apart of the cause of Christ? I am- and look forward to working side by side with all of you in reshaping this world. At the end of the day, it’s all about Him, Jesus Christ, the world’s Savior.


Ninedays: Asia

I’m the Director this year for Ninedays 2012 and I am so excited for what is in store for all of my teams that head out in March. My vision for Ninedays is to see the people go on the trips and come back a different person. I believe in life experiences and I would love for the people going on the trips become more willing to love like Christ and serve just like He does.

These students and leaders that are going on our trips are going for a reason and I am so proud of what they are going to do. There will be various types of ministries in Kenya, Asia, Los Angeles and for the prayer team and I’m excited to hear their stories when we come back after the nine days. This year I am heading up the Asia team with Caleb Krause and I’m so ready for a new adventure! I am ready to go, stay there for nine days, talk with college students, learn the Asian culture, and come back as a different person who is willing to live sacrificially for Christ. I believe a great motto for this life is, “take those open roads, learn new things and understand life by its experiences.”


Ninedays: Kenya

For me what Ninedays is all about is building a passion for the lost and for missions. I want my team to have an experience that will motivate them to either go overseas or to give more in the mission’s offerings on Sunday. We also have a very special opportunity with the Kenya trip in that we can interact with people that are very much like the members of the surrounding community. We have an amazing chance to understand the Somali community and relate to them in a deeper way. Mission’s trips are great environments to grow servants, take individuals out of their normal surroundings and place in a uncomfortable place and then but work, you will discover really quickly the type of people that you are serving alongside.


Ninedays: L.A.

I encourage you to read Ephesians 4:1-4. I agree with the word and believe that we as Christians are called to a higher standard. Our lives our divinely appointed with a purpose to serve the kingdom. We need to live our lives in accordance to our calling and stop waiting for the future to be that person. Right now the Lord has presented me with the opportunity to co-lead a trip of students to the LA Dream center. The original plan was to go to Haiti, the Lord closed the door on that and opened up the LA Dream Center loud and clear. We went from having 2 applicants to Haiti, to 14 members on the LA trip! I am so excited to serve hands on with the community in LA. A few months ago I was in LA and I fell in love with the people. I remember walking down Venice Beach and my heart broke for the people. I felt and saw so much oppression. At the Dream Center we will be working with people who are homeless, victims of sex trafficking, trying to get their GED, addicted to drugs, and other situations. The beauty of the Dream Center is the focus of restoration in Christ. I am truly blessed to be a part of the team. I encourage you to live your life according to Ephesians 4.


Ninedays: Prayer Team

Upon hearing about the Prayer Team and their relation to everyone else for ninedays for the first time, I thought about how great it could be that we should have the opportunity to intercede on behalf of all student missionaries’ Ninedays. Needless to say, I would have never thought that I’d have the privilege to serve alongside the rest of the ninedays leaders upon my first semester at North Central. The Lord is very clear and concise when he says he has plans for us, and it’s a blessing to be able to see these plans unfold. Personally, I’m excited for everyone on the prayer team! We as a prayer team will be serving as armor-bearers for everyone on the different teams, and it’ll be great to intercede as the Lord’s plans for everyone on these teams begin to unfold during Spring Break.


Ninedays: L.A.

I’m an Urban Studies major, and I am leading the LA Dream Center trip. This trip is so close to my heart that it is hard to really begin with why I chose to do this. Originally, my team was going to go to Haiti, but that fell through. The Lord closed the doors on something that I had been preparing months for, but God is faithful He didn’t leave me hanging there. He quickly spoke into my heart about something that I have always wanted to do which was to go to the LA Dream Center. At first the idea seemed like too much of a dream, and just seemed too good to be true because I have wanted to go there so badly for a while. And then I thought why would anyone want to go there? The more I thought about it though, the more it made sense. I realized that the reason I wanted to go there was because of what they did and who they ministered too, which was the poor, homeless, hungry, and sex-trafficked victims both young and old. I saw that if I was passionate about all these things, then there would be others that are too, and so I saw this opportunity to do something about it. God called me to serve him in this way and I feel so blessed. I love that I get to go to the LA Dream Center because they do exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life, so for me this is only the beginning of the rest of my life and I am so very excited for the rest.


Ninedays: Prayer Team

I am so excited to be co-leading Ninedays prayer team this year! I went on this trip as a team member last year and it truly changed my life. When I was accepted for this position this year I was so excited to have the opportunity to serve as one of the team leaders. My co-leader Mel and I are on the same page with God’s vision for Ninedays prayer team this year and it is such a blessing to have met her and to have God work through our team to pray for the trips this year. It is an amazing challenge to be digging in to prayer, God’s will, and answering the tough questions we all wrestle with. I am just really blessed to be a part of this team. The other Ninedays leaders are just as passionate as I am and I know God placed all the members on this year’s Ninedays prayer team for a purpose. I love that we get to go to Wisconsin and discover prayer in a new way, that we have an opportunity to train and prepare for the spiritual battle that we are going to face is really amazing. I know that this year God is going to do amazing things with all the teams that are going to serve and share God’s heart with people who are suffering. While prayer team is a little different than the other teams I am so passionate about prayer. I am so excited about how God is going to work through the teams, and through the prayer team to take down the enemy for God’s glory.

Editor’s note: Some full names are withheld per request of students working in sensitive areas.