Oh the places you’ll go with coffee

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Staff Writer

If you search across America from sea to shining sea, across the purple mountain majesties and the fruited plain in hopes of finding an American grown Coffee bean, you won’t find it. You will have to travel to the tropical islands of Hawaii. That’s right—Hawaii is the only producer of coffee in the U.S.

Companies like Caribou Coffee, Dunn Bros., and Starbucks have a variety of international coffees. They get their coffee imported in from Africa, Central and South America, and as far as some Middle Eastern countries.

You could literally travel the globe on a caffeinated cruise ship sailing on a sea of Coffee. It is one great experience getting to taste the world of coffee with a caffeine IV hooked up to your arm.

My choice at Caribou Coffee is the Ethiopian Finjal, which allows me to travel to the birthplace of coffee, Africa. The Ethiopian Finjal is a fairly dark roasted coffee not enough where it takes your breath away, but enough to keep your eyes open and the blood pumping through your veins. This dark roasted drink takes me on a safari through the Serengeti and Kenya up to the Northwest section of Africa into Ethiopia.

With Americans consuming large quantities of coffee daily. These International Beans allow us to forget about life for a second to smell the sweet aroma in the air. You could almost imagine yourself relaxing next to a cozy fireplace, in the dead of winter, sipping back on a steamy fresh brewed cup of coffee, while remembering to appreciate the simple times like these. Join me on my next trip around the world with a great book in one hand and an international cup of java in the other.