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By Mary Beth Oaks
Photography Director

Not only was Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011 a big day for two NFL teams and their fans, it was also an important one for two groups of North Central students. The final day of the Financial Bowl competition between The Celts and The Alaskan Mitch had arrived.

The competition of financial knowledge started with a bracket of 30 teams and ran through three weeks of playing head-to-head matches of Financial Football. The virtual games were held in the computer lab on Mondays during the lunch hour, earning the event the nickname “Monday Lunch Football.”

Teams of competitors were given multiple-choice questions about different financial aspects to answer. Strategy was involved with choosing the difficulty level of the questions, and depending on how well each team answered them, the team received a certain number of yards for its virtual team to advance and tried to score touchdowns. The team that earned the most points before the game time ran out would win.

After three weeks, the competition was narrowed down to two final teams, The Celts and The Alaskan Mitch. During the half-time show of the NFL Super Bowl, the Financial Bowl took place. Members of the winning team would each receive a $500 scholarship.

The Celts, leading as the Green Bay Packers 8-0 in the first quarter, tied 8-8 with The Alaskan Mitch, which played as the Minnesota Vikings.

Throughout the competition, the crowd’s eyes were fixed on the teams and the enthusiasm level was high.

“Overall, we had really great student participation with this whole event,” said Philip Furnish, a freshman business administration major, who helped coordinate the event. “From the players to the staff it was a really awesome event.”

The main goal of those who organized the competition was to help students become more aware of their finances without feeling like they were attending a financial seminar.

“I feel like it has been pretty successful,” said senior music major Brianna Arneson, who was also a coordinator of the event.

Project SOS partnered with S.I.F.E. to hold the event with the help of Cullen Johnson and Mitchell Swenson, both business administration majors.

“Brianna and I definitely could not have done this without the help of Cullen Johnson and Mitchell Swenson,” said Furnish.

In the end, The Celts won the Financial Bowl with a final score of 16-8 after regaining their lead in the third quarter.

“I was more excited about winning with my teammates and how we won as a team,” said junior worship arts major and team captain Jacob Hansen.

Although the members of The Alaskan Mitch did not get the $500 scholarship, they did not leave empty handed. Each member of the team was rewarded with goodie bags with AMC and Chipotle gift cards.