Into the Woods: A Duet of Music and Theater

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At the conclusion of a television show, play, or movie, many viewers crave the feeling that all is once again right with the world. They like to feel that the world truly prioritizes the greater good. People want to see the empire defeated, Indiana Jones make it out alive, and Woody and Buzz safe and sound. Yet, there is one thing missing from the desired finale—reality.

“Into the Woods” is a production of the North Central fine arts department, set to run Nov. 12-14 in the chapel. It is the story, the real story, of the fairy tales many have come to know and love. It is a musical compilation of characters and plots— intertwined in a “Lost”-style fashion, such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Snow White.

Wayne Matthews, North Central fine arts department professor and the director of the production, discussed the significance of the musical’s setting.

The woods are “…a metaphor for that place we all have to go to fulfill our wish in life, said Matthews. “It’s also a place where mistakes can be made.” He expressed enthusiasm about the story’s light-hearted twist on the aforementioned familiar fables.

Freshman theatre major Hayden Loven, the narrator of the production, said that preparation was rigorous. There are 26 rehearsals, each spanning anywhere from two to four hours. All solo work is done in individual rehearsals with Larry Bach, the artistic director of the fine arts department.

The hard work did not stunt Loven’s excitement for the 21-member cast—which represents many degree programs—that shows off North Central’s diversity. “North Central is not just a music school,” said Loven. “Theater is an expression that anyone can show.”