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Nine acts competed at North Central’s annual Battle of the Floors on Feb. 20. The gymnasium bleachers were stuffed with students and colorful sets along the walls. This year’s theme was “Cartoons and Famous Jacks.”

“[It’s] almost a pride thing to win Battle of the Floors,” said Keenan Henkelman, a junior evangelism and church planting major. “Battle of the Floors is the ultimate, hugest event of the year!”

Henkelman was also one of two emcees from the Student Activities Committee (SAC).

“The theme is different every year, but I think everyone expects to see the typical ‘NCUisms,’ like the ‘ring by spring’ or the ‘awkward couples,’ or quoting Dr. Anderson’s famous phrase, ‘clearly superior,’” commented senior music business major Kelsey Aguilar, also a member of SAC and the other emcee.




Judges voted the acts into nine categories. The following are the results of the judges’ ballots: First place overall went to 3 West Carlson, 3 Central Miller, and 5 North Miller. Second place was awarded to 4 West Central, 1 West Phillipps, and 3 North Miller, and third overall was 2 East Carlson and 4 South Miller [pictured above from first to third place -ed.].

The People’s Choice award went to 4 West Carlson, 1 West Phillipps, and 3 North Miller.  2 West Phillipps and 4 East Phillips won recognition for originality. The award for top Costumes and Set was awarded to 3 East Carlson and 4 West Phillipps.

Team 5 West Carlson and 3 West Phillipps won three of the nine awards in Writing and Script, Banner, and Quality. They also snagged the first annual SAC Award. Separate from regular judging, this award was given to the act that impersonated the most SAC members, waved around SAC memorabilia, and added a SACwatch sighting within the skit.

Judges for Battle of the Floors are not SAC members – they are chosen from their backgrounds in community involvement or for their past history with North Central.

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During intermission, North Central’s comedic musical group “Hearts of Fire and Ice,” featuring junior international cultural studies major Drew Agnew, junior campus missions major Nate Lee, and Mike Svoboda, a junior pastoral ministry major, entertained the audience with songs dedicated to “all the single ladies” and to mothers.

The event lasted late into the evening and curfew was postponed until 2:30 a.m.

Aguilar offered advice for Battle of the Floors 2011.

“I think a clue to all the RA’s for next year would be to acknowledge the typical ‘NCUisms’ and try and come up with some new material so [the event] doesn’t get old.”