Trials and Triumphs: An Unforgettable Volleyball Experience

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NCU VB Team 2009

Staff Writer

I wanted to be a part of a family that wouldn’t let me give up, no matter how weak and tired I was. I wanted to slide across the floor, roll over my shoulder, and be up the next minute to hit the ball down at my opponent. I wanted to show people the love of God through my passion for a game that God gave me the ability to play. I joined the North Central Volleyball team.

Day One: After the captains and lieutenants met and trained for two days, the rest of the sports teams met at the fall sports retreat for some get-to-know-you fun and games. All except the volleyball team. From the first night of singing, screaming, and picture taking, we were a sisterhood. We knew that we would be spending the next week sweating out our weaknesses in two-a-days and sharing many fond memories with each other before the season had even started.

My Experience with this volleyball team has been a life-changing one. I wanted to play last year but decided last minute that I was only going to play basketball. Throughout the entire volleyball season, I came to every home game and thought about how much I missed playing the sport. So I decided this year was my year to play, and I am so glad I chose volleyball this year. I’ve learned so many things about myself, including how I can apply things that I’ve learned on the court to my life. I wouldn’t trade my experience this year for anything.

Trials have been a huge factor on the volleyball team this season. We’ve had to help each other deal with deaths in the family, personal financial instability, car accidents, and injuries. It felt like Satan was attacking our team because he knew the potential we had to be a supportive sisterhood in Christ. Time and time again we would pray over hurting bodies and souls, encouraging each other to remain faithful even when situations seemed dire. Prayer continues to be the glue in our sisterhood, as we seek to become stronger together, both on and off the court.

Triumphs are celebrated with much excitement on the volleyball team, whether it is making it through another 6am practice, or winning a game in North Dakota or Wisconsin. We’ve had a few hard practices that have pushed us to our mental and physical limits, but we’ve been able to hold each other up and praise God for the strength He’s given us. Building Relationships with the North High School Polars volleyball team has also been a joy this season. We put on a mini clinic for the volleyball team and are looking forward to spending some more time with the girls soon.

“We just want to give the girls a positive influence that they might not have in their lives,” says sophomore ICS major and setter Danielle Anderson.

Sisterhood is the best way to describe the volleyball team this year. We are so tightly bound that there is no room for any one of us to slip. We hold each other accountable and encourage each other through everything we do. Though our record doesn’t show it, we’ve come a long way since two-a-days. We’ve worked so hard as a team, whether we win or lose Regionals, we want to know that we put all of ourselves on the court, leaving nothing behind, and only looking ahead to a brighter future.