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This year there are plenty of new cross-country runners— 9 to be exact. I had a chance to talk with one of the new runners, Nick Jordan, a freshman youth development major, and got a chance to see how the season’s going and what the season ahead looks like for him and his team.

Q: How many meets have you been to this year, and what is your best time?
NJ: I’ve been to four, but I’ve only ran in three; my best time this year though is 35:45, which I ran at the UW Eau Claire invitational.

Q: What has the season been like so far and how does it feel running for NCU?
NJ: I’ve actually just started running since the beginning of this season, and it’s amazing. I love being a part of this team and being able to run for the glory of God. The season has gone far better than I expected. I had never run competitively before, and upon arriving at NCU I had never ran more that two miles at one time. By the end of the first week I could run six miles; within a matter of a few more weeks, I became the “athlete of the week” by beating my previous record by nearly four minutes at the University of Minnesota invitational, the Roy Griak.

Q: What invitational are you most looking forward to?
NJ: I’m looking forward to the UMAC championships at Crown College, which will take place October 31. I have already run this course in the first meet and I didn’t fare too well. Now, I’m looking forward to going back to run a much stronger race.

Q: How do you prepare for a run and what’s your biggest struggle this season?
NJ: To prepare, I endure lots of stretching and also preparing myself mentally. It takes a lot of mind control to be able to keep running when you’re out of breath and feel like you can’t take another step. My biggest struggle has been getting myself in a position physically to be able to be competitive. Although I have become a considerable stronger runner since the beginning of the season, it’s still something I am working on.

Q: What’s it like running alongside of the more experienced runners?
NJ: At first I thought it would be hard, but the guys have been nothing but encouragement to me. I’ve been pushed past my limits, but it’s always been beneficial to me in the end.

Q: What usually happens during a normal Cross Country meet?
NJ: When we get there, we usually walk the course or do a warm up run on the course so we can get a feel for it and to see where it goes. The girls run first, and we guys usually follow them on the sidelines and we cheer them on. After that, the guys go to the start line, stretch, then run our race. When both the girls and guys have run, we do a cool down run, we meet and pray and then we leave.

Q: What are your aspirations within the Cross Country team?
NJ: My personal goal is to be able to break 35 minutes by the end of the season, and to be able to thank God for it when I’m done.

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Nick Jordan, member of the North Central Cross Country Team