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Sports Editor and Staff Writer

A cold Saturday morning. Franklin Park. The brisk air is filled with the shouts of students cheering the name of their floor. Some players wear cleats and UnderArmor; others, simply shorts and a t-shirt. However, all are united by the belt they wear with a colored flag attached at each side. With all of the sports played at North Central, whether it’s baseball, soccer or basketball, no sport gets quite the level of involvement that Intramural Football does. Cuts, scrapes, bruises and stitches; North Central students endure it all for the love of the game. And with 18 teams composed of the finest men and women North Central has to offer, team spirit is a necessity. Here’s what some students had to say about their team:

2 east • phillipps

“Team chemistry. Winning mentality. We’re battle-tested; we’ve played two very solid teams so far. Now we need to build on what we’ve done right, get some momentum going, and string together some wins. We have a great group of guys that provides us with some depth and flexibility. Not to mention that oh-so-coveted X factor in Lamar [Nygaard] – simply a game changer. Also, look out for our Defense to step it up in the weeks to come.”
-BILLY HARTMAN • secondary education • JUNIOR

3 south • 4 central • miller

“We have some really athletic and spirited girls on our team. They love playing and they are experienced in other sports and bring that to the team. The hardest thing we face this year is a team that is made up of mostly new people to intramural football. It’s been a matter of teaching them the terminology and plays, but luckily they learn quickly.”
-KATRINA SCHIFERL • asl interpreting • JUNIOR


“MOE has the most veteran intramural football players of every team. Most of us have at least two seasons under our belts and that gives us an advantage over younger teams with less experience. We also have good depth, especially on our defensive/offensive line. We are able to substitute well and keep fresh legs on the field.”
-BRAD BETTGER • drug and alcohol counseling • SENIOR

1 west • phillipps • 3 north • miller

“My team’s biggest strength is our ability to encourage the other team even when we are losing big time to them. From my experience thus far, we have all just been out there to have fun, and we stay in high spirits. What makes things difficult is that most of the girls on my floor are freshmen and haven’t played football before. Also, many girls on my floor (and my joining sister floor!) have weekend classes, jobs, and other commitments that keep us from all being able to consistently play and practice together.”

2 west • phillipps

“We have fun. We compete but don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s just a game and most floors don’t realize that. At times, members of our team can lose control on the field, but what is most important to us is that we don’t lose our Christian character and integrity in a flag intramural football game. Our team probably won’t win the Superbowl. I think if we got Adrian Peterson to come play we would probably win but he doesn’t live on 2 West…SHOOT…Well, I guess we will have to practice seven times a day then.”
-ED BLAISE • youth ministry • JUNIOR

5 north • 3 central • miller

“We are definitely getting stronger at our defense. However, I would say that the one thing that we are strongest in is in our attitudes. The thing that we always stress in practice, no matter how tough the competition, is to always maintain a good attitude. It definitely lightens everyone’s nerves and makes them enjoy the game more.
Our biggest challenge so far is losing…I think our goal is to win at least one game…or at least score one touchdown. Our brothers have been helping us, so hopefully, practice makes perfect…or at least a little better.”
-ELLEN HAWTHORNE • elementary education • SOPHOMORE

3 west • carlson

“We have a very interesting blend of guys who play. We have some guys who have played for a year or two and we have guys who this is their first year playing. Even with that we are having a lot of fun. I think that in order for our team to win the Superbowl, we will have to clean up our playing. We have a tough team that is going to play hard.”
-TROY KING • childrens ministry • SENIOR

5 south • miller • 3 east • phillipps

“Our teams’ biggest strength is that we stay supportive of each other and enthusiastic even when we’re down. We get excited over the little things. Like when we manage to catch the ball, and get a first down! The hardest challenge? Catching the ball. And getting enough girls to play.”

3 east • carlson

“The first couple of games have been challenging for us, but the guys’ attitudes have been incredible. We play the game to have fun; I mean, we’d love to win, but we try to have as much fun as possible. Our guys are extremely quick on the field. It will take lots of practice to get our team organized the way we’d like it, but we need to keep pushing and learning each other’s capabilities. All in all, I believe our team will go far!”


“Our biggest strength as a team is when we all show up. [Laughs] Anyway, real strengths for MOE are experience and athleticism. We’ve all played NCU intramural football for over three years now. For us it’s more about having fun with friends, although we do enjoy winning in the process; which is where the athleticism comes into play. It just so happens that our first strength is also our weakness. Consistently having everyone there seems to be the one thing that is hindering us.”
-FRANCINE MAGEE • elementary education • SENIOR

4 west • carlson

“We give it all we’ve got and play till the whistle blows. We don’t give up. For us to win it again, we can’t take any team for granted and play 100% against every opponent. There are many great teams in the league this year, and we can’t let our guard down against any of them. Pain heals! Chicks dig scars! But the GLORY. LASTS. FOREVER!”
-JEREMY COLLIER • worship leading • JUNIOR

5 east • carlson

“I know everyone says that defense wins championships, and that is a fact, but you know what also helps? Scoring points. I feel that once we get our whole team together we will have a good chance to put up some points. We have a good group of guys that get along well on and off the field.”
-BEN BLOCK • youth ministry • JUNIOR

2 east • carlson

“[It’s] Simple… we’ve got heart! Some teams have size, some have experience, but no team has the heart of 2EC! What makes this team different and unique is that we are one of the first years ever for Two East Carlson to compete alone in intramurals. For the past few years 2EC has been teamed up with Z House creating the power house 2EZ, however due to unfortunate housing circumstances this is no longer a possibility.When it all is said and done… let everyone know. 2 East Carlson stands ALONE!
-MIKE SVOBODA • evangelism • JUNIOR

4 east • 3 west • phillipps

“In my opinion our team’s biggest strength is probably our awesome defense, especially our defensive line. They’re beastly! I would be pretty terrified to go up against Hillary White. The hardest challenge our team faces would probably be perfecting our offensive passing plays.”
-CASEY JOYCE • undeclared • FRESHMAN

4 east • carlson

“What makes our floor unique is with only 2 practices under our belts, we’re still able to put up a good fight against our opponents. For our team to win the Superbowl, it will take dedication and commitment. We need our players to show up at the practices and to take them seriously. It will take teamwork. Without teamwork, the biggest challenge will be ourselves!”
-ISAIAH ROCKETT • secondary education • FRESHMAN

4 north • 4 south • miller

“Teamwork. We work well together, communicating and encouraging each other. Everyone gives it their best, and we just go out and have fun! I think the hardest part is coming up with the next play to keep the other team on their toes, but it really helps when my coaches give me a play to bring into the huddle.”

5 west • carlson

“I think our floor has a mature and experienced leader named John Merritte Jones. He’s quick and hard to bring down and he brings a sense of “I’m gonna make this play” attitude to our team. Our team has a legitimate shot at making the Superbowl because of the leadership and athletes on our floor. We have a lot to work on also with timing and blocking so that should be a challenge to become better.”
-JON TOLBERT • youth ministry • SOPHOMORE

4 west • phillipps

“Our teams biggest strength is our committed defensive line. We have some beastly women. We’re a young team. For many of the girls it’s their first year at North Central and the first time playing intramural football. Getting to know each others’ strengths is a hard thing to do with so many new players.”