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Twitter. The name in and of itself is truly ridiculous. Dubbed as the latest in time-wasting devices, Twitter has been the topic of intense interest and ridicule alike.

When I first heard this silly little word, I thought to myself, “dumb” and moved on. But as time went on and a few friends were integrating into the Twitter community (and yes, I do believe it is in fact a community) I found myself thinking, “If I had a twitter, I would…” Fill in the blank. I was making up statuses in my head—how lame is that? Don’t answer that.

So if I was tweeting in my head, why not tweet for real? For months, I stuck it to the man and simply refused to get a twitter for the pure fact of boycotting because of how much I made fun of it; it was the principle of the matter. I did not want to give in that easy!

But eventually, I succumbed.

Let me just shoot it to you straight—if you are a fan of Facebook and of all the social networking it entails, you will adore Twitter. You can even integrate both of them, so when you change your status on Twitter, it changes your Facebook status as well.

Let’s back up a moment. For those of you who are unaware of what Twitter even is, let me enlighten you. “Twitterers” send and receive brief messages called “tweets” via, mobile phones, and/or instant messaging software such as “TweetDeck.”

Twitter is all about answering the question, “What are you doing?” Members fill in the blank using under 140 characters (so it can fit into one text message with room for usernames) and the tweet is sent out among networks of friends and strangers called “followers,” the people that view your tweets on their home page (similar to Facebook’s news feed).

Myth buster: you do NOT need internet access on your phone to text Twitter. Instead, you simply text Twitter at 40404 as if you are texting one of your friends. Just make sure you have registered your mobile device online.

Twitter is what you make it. If you do not want the whole world knowing what you are doing at all times, do not tell them. By having an account, you are not entitled to tweet twenty times a day. Just say what you want whenever you want to. It is really that simple.

I personally think Twitter is a great tool for keeping in contact with my friends. Twitter is basically the ultimate mass text made easy. And honestly, who does not love getting text messages?! You know it makes you feel good. So why not get twice as many each day?

Also, there is the celebrity factor. You can choose to follow anybody in the world. I have had a random man in Sao Paolo, Brazil start following me on Twitter. Of course the next day I blocked him, because, let’s face it—that’s sketch. But still, kind of cool, right? Eh, that is debatable.

I know one of my friends (who will remain nameless) follows High School Musical star Corbin Bleu and receives his tweets on her phone. Every time he updates, she gets super excited because, hello—Corbin Bleu is practically texting her!

So for all of you haters out there, I hear you. I know what you are thinking. I used to be right there with you. But—give it a chance! You never know, you just may enjoy a tweet or two. Tweet tweet!