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Senior Staff Writer

Have you ever thought about why the baseball team is practicing early?

The baseball team is getting ready for the spring season by holding fall practices in which the new and returning players can get to know each other and also learn from each other. When asked how they felt about fall practice, the players all said that they loved it.

“I feel like fall baseball is a great thing for the program because we get to play outside; we get the chance to build relationship with the new players and also get to play against each other during a scrimmages game” said sophomore Elementary Education major Jay Beichley.

Freshmen Business major Juan Martinez commented, “I’ve seen that it has made us click as a team; we all get along very well and our chemistry as a team is awesome.”

This is the first year that the baseball program has held fall baseball. The team will have up to 16 practices from September 6 to October 9, which will include scrimmages and workout sessions.

The team head coach Tim Beasley also commented on why fall baseball will be beneficially for the program.

“Our fall practices and scrimmages will be huge for preparing us for a successful spring season because of the weather we don’t get outside to practice before we begin playing games in the spring and then once that happens it is really hard for us to have any practice time because all of our games are so compacted,” said Beasley.

The team as a whole has been excited for the 2010 season; with the transition of the sports divisions the team will have tougher games this up-coming season. Coach Beasley’s expectations are higher this year.

“We are hoping to make huge strides towards becoming a competitive NCAA Division III baseball program and making a run at a NCCAA Division II National Championship” said Beasley.

The chance to practice before the season even starts will help the team grow in confidence, become stronger as a team and also help the new players get ready mentally and physically to compete on the collegiate level.

NCU baseball will travel to Missouri and Kansas to play in eight games during spring break trip, which is the first for the program. They will be facing Robert Morris College from Chicago, IL in the Metrodome.

“If they can continue to learn quickly and progress the way they have so far this fall this will be a really fun team to watch and be around this spring” said Coach Beasley.

Looking for more info about fall baseball? Check out the North Central Athletics Baseball page for the upcoming schedule!