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Todd Wold Communications Department Chair
Todd Wold, Communications Department Chair

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Karen Harrington

Karen Harrington is the new social work professor and placement coordinator. She will be assisting social work majors with gaining internships within the community.

Harrington graduated from Minot State University with a bachelor’s degree in social work. She worked for nearly ten years in the areas of abuse and neglect within families. In 1996 Harrington said that she began work on her master’s degree from the University of Illinois. She stated that during that time she went to school full time, worked full time, and also cared for her son.

According to Harrington, her son Alex is the greatest gift God has ever given her. She said that while she was pregnant with Alex, she re-dedicated her life to Christ and has been living for Him ever since. Harrington mentioned that she and her son get correlating tattoos since they would be at separate colleges this fall. She put the reference Genesis 31:49 on her foot and Alex has the entire verse on his arm.

Harrington expressed that her hopes for the future are set on eternity. She prays that the Lord will come soon.

Steve Cook

Steve Cook is the new assistant professor of recording arts. His specialties are in the areas of music business, Pro Tools, and audio engineering.

Cook obtained his bachelor’s degree in communications from Oral Roberts University. He worked for Sovereign Grace Music for almost twenty years as a songwriter, engineer, and producer. He also was a director at Music Publishing and founded Underground Grace Records (UGG Records). The website is

Cook said that he asked Jesus into his life at the age of eight. He spoke of watching a Billy Graham crusade on TV and felt like the message was talking directly to him. Afterward he said his mother prayed with him. For Cook, his salvation experience came full circle when he got the opportunity to lead worship at Billy Graham’s retreat center, The Cove, in North Carolina. Cook mentioned that he still gets opportunities to return to The Cove.

Cook conveyed that his hopes for the future include improving the recording arts program at North Central, writing more songs with his wife, and possibly going to England for his 30th wedding anniversary.

Cook moved to Minneapolis from Orlando, Florida.

He has been married to his wife Vikki for 29 years, and they have two daughters, Stephanie and Suzanna.

Todd Wold

Todd Wold is the new chair of the communication arts department. Wold attended North Central for his first three years of undergraduate study. He also traveled with Chorale on trips throughout Europe during his time at North Central.

Wold finished his bachelor’s degree at Northwestern College. He then obtained a job at what is currently known as Ameriprise, where he worked there for over seventeen years.

Wold received his master’s degree from Bethel University in media literacy. He spoke of his curiosity lying in the area of commercial formation as opposed to spiritual formation. According to Wold, commercial formation is the result of a majority of the mediated communication in the surrounding world; where a person is constantly told to buy, buy, buy. In contrast to that, spiritual formation is the process of a person’s relationship to God being restored, thus they enter into the love that God has freely given them. Wold said he believes that the church should be a refuge from the attitude of commercial communication that saturates society.

Wold spoke of giving his heart to God at the age of five or six. He remembered it occurring at a children’s crusade. He mentioned that he never had the experience of walking completely away from God; however, Wold said, there came a point where he needed to make his faith personal.

Wold’s family includes his wife of seventeen years, Dawnshelle, and his three children: Emma, Ethan, and Everett. Beyond salvation, Wold says Dawnshelle is the greatest gift that God has ever given him.

According to him, it is simply “…the gift of another person to travel with on this journey.”

Wold said he enjoys discussing media theory, theology, books, and movies. He also spoke of his enjoyment of chapel.

“The music you do in chapel is really in sync with the students here.”

He spoke of finding Galatians 4:4-7 on his mind most often. For Wold, this passage flows along with his thoughts on the idea of family love, as opposed to the idea of the buy and sell world that we live in.

He asked and still asks the question, “Are we thinking of our identities as being owned or subjugated, or do we think of them as being in the family of God?”

Wold said that his hopes for the future lie in the building up of the communication arts department. He expressed his feelings about now being an opportune time, considering the fact that the surrounding world is currently restructuring its own ideas on media and communication. According to him, this is a chance to leave the old ways behind and to move towards the way of the future.