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There are numerous translations of the Bible in circulation today including the New International Version, the New American Standard Version, The Living Bible and the King James Version.

On January 1 2010, the Military Bible Association will publish The Leader’s Bible, which is an update to the King James Version and designed specifically for the military. Features will include the Founding Father’s Statements on Religious Freedom, Moral Leadership in the Founding of America, The Role of Military Chaplains, Military Prayer and Hymns, Military & Church Creeds, The Military Code of Conduct, Nine Leadership Beatitudes, and Six Factors for Ethical Decision-Making.

Gary Dop, chair of the North Central English department and Dr. Carolyn Tennant, an English professor at North Central, served on the editorial board.

“[Assembly of God] Chaplain James Linzey wrote me and asked if I wanted to do some editing,” said Tennant. “I edited Ephesians, Acts and John. Gary Dop edited Titus.”

Dop said he felt an “awesome responsibility” editing Titus.

The idea for the project was a collaborative effort of three people: Verna M. Linzey, Vice President of the Military Bible Association; retired Chaplain Jim Ammerman, U.S. Army; and retired Chaplain James Linzey, U.S. Army.

One purpose in publishing The Leader’s Bible is to donate it to troops overseas and those preparing for deployment as well as to prisons, university campuses and hospitals.

Additionally, famous incidents of bravery are highlighted throughout The Leader’s Bible. For example, one picture depicts a navy ship sinking.

“There were not enough life jackets [for everybody on board]”, said Tennant. “The four chaplains, all from different faiths, gave away their life jackets. They linked arms and drowned with the ship.”

“Military Chaplains have produced one of the finest translations of the Holy Bible”, said retired Rear Admiral Bennett S. Sparks, U.S. Coast Guard. “The Leader’s Bible provides the moral compass for living by faith. I endorse The Leader’s Bible for use in all Armed Forces, churches and homes.”

In January, only the New Testament will be published. However, military chaplains – active duty, reserves, guard, and retired – are being invited to translate the Old Testament.

In addition, The Leader’s Bible could possibly be translated into other languages such as Arabic, Russian, German, Spanish and French. Furthermore, since The Leader’s Bible is an update of the King James Version (1611), which was dedicated to King James I, The Leader’s Bible is being dedicated to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

“The military chaplains’ Leader’s Bible is the most precise and accurate update of the King James Version and will spiritually empower military leaders to be equipped to face the challenges of war and leadership,” said Verna M. Linzey.