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If you’ve stepped onto the floor of Two West Phillipps this year, you might have noticed a picture on the wall showcasing a strapping blonde youth playing quarterback for the former 1 West Men’s Intramural Football team. Who is this young man? None other than North Central’s own Dean Goodwin. And while he might be a decent quarterback, the sport where the sophomore Sports Management major really shines at North Central is Golf.

Within just the little more than a month that school has been in session, Dean Goodwin has not only qualified for the NCCAA Golf National Championships, but was also named the NCCAA Athlete of the Week for September 17 and was named the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference Athlete of the Week for three consecutive weeks; a first for any North Central athlete. Dean is also the first golfer in North Central history to qualify for the national championship.

When asked about his recent accomplishment, Dean was pretty surprised.

“When I heard that I was named NCCAA Athlete of the Week I was shocked. I had no clue that anyone had even heard of me before let alone known how I was playing this year. It is really an honor to be named Athlete of the Week for the NCCAA” said Goodwin.

Teammate and junior Pastoral Major Jon-Michael Sherman commented on playing with Dean.

“His intensity in practice and during a meet really sets the tone for the team. He is always calling out the best golfer in us,” said Sherman.

The North Central Men’s Golf Team finished their 2009 season on October 3 of this year.