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Greg Hayton is the new associate professor in the education department. He is also the faculty athletic representative and an active supporter of the North Central cross-country team.

Hayton grew up in Illinois and received a bachelor’s degree from Eureka College. His degree was in physical education along with a psychology minor. He received his master’s degree from Northern Illinois University in outdoor teaching education and physical science. Greg spent many years as a middle and high school teacher, as well as a coach before coming to North Central. He spoke of seeing many amazing things on the athletic field.

Hayton said that he most admires athletic feats of true endurance in spite of injury.

“I’ve watched him get injured and finish games. I admire the way he plays,” said Hayton of Andrew Cameron.

A father figure who taught him about “shoulder pads, shotguns, and Shakespeare,” Hayton recollected of his personal hero, Terry Harmston. Hayton stated that Harmston helped him get his first teaching position, taught him how to raise his kids, and gave him the tools to become a man.

Hayton says that his motivation for getting out of bed each morning is to “pass the baton to the next generation.” According to Hayton, the Bible boils down to loving God and loving people. He said that spending his life fulfilling those callings is greater than anything else the world could offer.