Staff Writer

“Broken in pieces” are the words used to describe what Brianna Dornbusch has been feeling for the North Central community as she begins her journey as the new Entry Director.

“I honestly feel very inadequate for this position, but I know God has placed his vision on my heart so I will do anything he asks for the sake of the student body,” says Dornbusch.

Entry kicks off on October 14th, and is a student-led, alternative chapel experience. The worship is led by many different groups of students, with a variety of music styles.

“I am looking forward to seeing the teams come together to create a unique style and to lead others into God’s presence,” says Reba Schultz, Entry Worship Director.

Whether it is through the worship, speaking, art, prayer, or technology, the students leading Entry will be challenged to be used by God; to be “Authentic”, which is this year’s theme. This theme also applies to the students who attend. The challenge is to let yourself be real before God, and real in your own personal life.

“I chose this theme because I felt God was calling us to a higher standard this year. We need to be authentic with God and ourselves to get there. It involves just about every aspect of life, on the surface and the deep things,” says Dornbusch.

Entry is meant to be a safe place; a place to be free and open. It is an intimate worship experience where students go to gather together and give glory to God.

“I don’t want the focus to be on the worship team or the way the music is being played, but instead for those elements to simply be an avenue in which we enter into the Lord’s presence,” says Schultz.

Students still may be wondering why they should attend Entry this year.

“I think it (Entry) can impact students in many ways. Not only have I in the past been changed by God while preparing to speak, but the messages that students use are from God and need to be heard,” says Dornbusch.

Those who have poured their hearts into preparing Entry this year have high hopes for what it can do in student’s lives. As a bonus, there will also be a few special events, such as Entry and Praise Gathering teaming up.

Deciding to come to Entry this year will give students the opportunity to learn, and to live out, what it means to be authentic.

“I guess if I could say anything to everyone in the school, it would be to go after God without stopping. Take every opportunity that is given to you because what he has for us is huge, beyond what we can imagine, and this is the only time in our lives that we will have such an amazing spiritual atmosphere!” says Dornbusch.