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As most North Central students know, Business professor, Bill Tibbetts’ young daughter Adah went through a huge heart surgery this past year and is now in recovery mode.

It all began when Adah was diagnosed with restricted cardiomyopathy. The only cure for this disease is a heart transplant, and even that is not a permanent cure.

Adah went through heart transplant surgery in February of this year and she is doing well so far in her recovery process. She is currently taking immunosuppressant medications (among the nineteen drugs she takes daily) which helps keep her body from rejecting or attacking the new heart.

Being only five years old, she does not fully understand what has happened to her.

“As far as she knows, she had a new heart and it’s pink,” says dad Bill.

The Tibbetts family lifestyle has changed since this ordeal began. With Adah being on immunosuppressant drugs, she is more susceptible to colds and other illnesses. Now, hand sanitizer has become a new accessory.

“We walk every day in complete faith and trust in our Lord,” comments Tibbetts. “If He’s willing to take care of the ‘birds of the air’ then I have to believe that He will take care of us.”

In a video broadcast produced by the North Central Communication Arts Program, Tibbetts explained how vital the support of the North Central community has been throughout this long and wearisome trial. But through it all, Bill and Natalie Tibbetts are grateful for what they have been through.

“We do consider this trial ‘pure joy’ because it has removed the scales from our eyes to allow us to see God in more of His glory.”

Since her surgery, Adah has started preschool as well as going to Children’s Church. I believe we should continue to lift up the Tibbetts family in prayer, especially with the cold and flu season approaching. If you want to keep an eye on her progress, visit: