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Job placement is a staple of many colleges and universities, and North Central has recently implemented a new way for students to navigate the job searching process through the use of the NACElink Network.

North Central has used NACElink as a foundation to customize another version available from the Student Success Center known as CareerWire. This is a resource for students who are concerned for their future careers and want to begin networking and making themselves available for employment immediately. CareerWire allows students to create a professional profile with their academic and background information.

“The Web site gives students instant access to an internal network hosted by North Central, ‘The Wire,’ and an external network linking North Central to four other national job boards (Google, JOBcentral, Simply Hired and Indeed) and 890+ colleges and universities throughout the United States,” said Jake Kuiper, career placement coordinator at North Central.

According to one former North Central student, the school has previously lacked job placement strategy or training. Dan Scally, youth ministry alumni from 2008, said he recalls his days at Moorhead Community and Technical College and seeing their incredible focus on job placement.

“As a North Central alum, all I can remember when I walked through the hallways [of North Central] were postings for social events, new bands coming to town, and a few job postings to work within the campus. I strongly believe that there needs to be a far bigger emphasis on future career openings,” Scally said.

With CareerWire, North Central is doing just that. According to the NACElink Web site, students can “upload resumes, cover letters, transcripts, writing samples, etc.” There is a resume builder on the networking site which “allows students to create resumes on the fly.”

Students can create a CareerWire profile by going to North Central’s Web site and clicking on “current students,” then “Student Success Center,” followed by “CareerWire.” After clicking the student login button, a page will display for entering personal information. Then students can begin posting their resumes and academic information on a personal, professional profile.

Employers can also create a profile and begin looking for the right types of students and potential employees. Additionally, they have the opportunity to post job openings and potential career opportunities for which students can apply.

“We can also set student preferences so that if a job that matches what the individual is looking for gets posted on our Web site, CareerWire will instantly send them a message encouraging them to view the position,” Kuiper said.

Kuiper suggests students to join early in their academic careers for more and better opportunities which will present themselves as they get closer to graduation.

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