Ways to Get Plugged in at North Central University

October 18, 2022

Starting somewhere new can be nerve-wracking, but it helps when you have people by your side. “How do I get people by my side?” Well, first things first, you have to put yourself out there; be confident, go to events, talk, and ask questions!

“Put me where?” I am glad you asked, North Central has opportunities for students to be a part of leadership in numerous organizations, or to simply be a part of…

Spiritual Life

North Central prioritizes students’ spiritual lives and supports them with organizations for students to invest in…

Delta Kappa

A women’s ministry founded on “Empowering women to walk in their God-given identity”. This collection of women pursuing the Lord together meets regularly and would love to see you there next time.

How to Connect: @deltakappancu || email: deltakappa@northcentral.edu


For all the men, Journey is dedicated to helping you “Go further”, and have opportunities for mentorship and community here on campus.

How to Connect: @jrny.ncu || email: journey@mail.northcentral.edu

Antioch Society

This organization focuses on informing and equipping NCU’s students to know their role(s) in spreading the Gospel. They host weekly prayer sessions for the unreached on Thursday nights and events to further pursue Jesus’ heart for His people.

How to Connect: @ncuantioch || email: info@theantiochinitiative.com

Praise Gathering (PG)

This is a ministry driven toward creating a house of prayer in our city. Every Wednesday night from 10-midnight, there is a praise gathering on campus, for students to come together and connect with the Lord.

How to Connect: @pgminneapolis

On/Off-Campus Living

The following are residential halls on campus, including the nomadic commuters. They all provide leadership roles, which new students can apply for, and specific events and communities to get involved in.

Apartment Community

How to Connect: @ncuapt


How to Connect: @commuterconnections_ncu || email: commuterconnections@mail.northcentral.edu

Miller Hall

How to Connect: @millerhallncu

Phillips Hall

How to Connect: @phillippshallncu

Carlson Hall

How to Connect: @carlsonhallncu

On Campus Clubs and Alliances


North Central is full of students from all walks of life and cultures and seeks to celebrate diversity to create unity. On campus, we have student organizations seeking unity together, and here is how you can get connected with them:

Latinos Unidos

How to Connect: @ncu.lationsunidos

Black Students Union (BSU)

How to Connect: @ncu.bsu || bsu@mail.northcentral.edu

Deaf Alliance

How to Connect: @ncu.alliance

Asian Student Alliance

How to Connect: Contact Gina Zarletti for more information: gmzarlet@northcentral.edu

For more information on clubs and alliances at NCU, visit this page or email gmzarlet@northcentral.edu

So, What’s Next? 

All in all, getting to know other people starts with being vulnerable and repeatedly trying, so take your time. You will find your people. Talk with the people sitting next to you in classes, join leadership, ask people to go get coffee (what college student doesn’t like coffee), look into some of the organizations that caught your attention, and get plugged in.

Sometimes finding “your people” can be difficult. Here are a few optional ideas to get you on your way to connection at NCU.