A “Fantastick” Production

The lights dim, everyone is seated in quiet anticipation of the spectacle that will captivate and entertain hundreds over the next eight performances. In a flash of light, colors, and sounds memories will be made and an experience will be shared. Soon the illusion that is “The Fantasticks” will make its 2009 debut. This one-of-a-kind musical blends comedy, melodrama, romance and disturbing situations to take the audience on a journey into a world only one step away from reality.

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Abbreviations have engulfed my vocabulary. And I’m not just talking about the usual text-speak words like: “lol,” “jk,” “btw,” “brb,” etc.

I’m talking about shortening words down to a single syllable, such as: super to “supes,” marvelous to “marv,” totally to “totes,” hilarious to “hil,” stupid to “stupe,” precious to “presh,” best friend to “bestie,” and that’s just to name a few.

Abbreviations are my latest “obsession,” if you will, and hearing other people use them brings me great joy. They are a constant source of laughter in my life, and who doesn’t love to laugh?

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Cross-Cultural Caf Staff: The story behind the faces

What is your reaction when you notice how privileged your life is compared to another’s? Do you force those thoughts out of your mind, or do you chalk it up to the fact that everyone has their own troubles to bear? Do you slip them a five dollar bill and then go on your way, feeling pleased because you evened life’s playing field by a whole paper Abe?

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to interview five of our cafeteria workers, who are Ecuadorian immigrants. They all agreed to sit with me over their one o’clock lunch hour and share their life experiences, which I was more than eager to do.

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The Legendary Brett Favre—A Minnesota Viking?

When I think of Brett Favre these words come to mind—athletic, unstoppable, an amazing quarterback. Before he came to play for the Minnesota Vikings this season, I didn’t consider the Vikings a team worth following, although back in the glory days of Randy Moss, I couldn’t help but get swept up in the excitement.

I always thought that Brett Favre was overrated and just full of himself. When I heard the coach for the Vikings, Brad Childress, had been talking to Brett Favre a lot about coming to play for him, I was honestly upset because we don’t need a guy like him on our team and, in my eyes, he was washed up. And why would he want to come play for his long time rival team?

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Slurp this.

[A response to ‘Slurp your salary.’]

I’m a coffee snob. I’ll admit that right out. Working at a coffee house will do that to you. Whether it’s an independently owned store like The Beat Coffeehouse, or one of the coffee conglomerates such as Starbucks or Caribou, you’re bound to learn a thing or two about coffee. It was working at Starbucks for nearly three years that made me the fan of coffee that I am today.

Being someone of sufficient coffee authority—yes, I actually HAVE tasted coffee—I have made a list of tips to help reduce that stress on your wallet (and your waistline).

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H1N1 Flu: Nothing to Sneeze At

With summer ending and fall disappearing into winter, the flu season has decided to show itself once again. This year, however, people should start to focus on ways to avoid the newest flu strain: H1N1, also known as ‘the swine flu’.

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Red Cross Banks on NCU Volunteers

The Annual NCU Blood Drive was held October 21st and 22nd in the Clay Commons area of Phillipps Hall. The American Red Cross joined with North Central on the venture.

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NCU Jazz Band

With arrangements from jazz greats such as Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, and Antonio Carlos Jobim, the North Central Jazz Band looks to have a memorable year.

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Getting To Know Nick Jordan

This year there are plenty of new cross-country runners— 9 to be exact. I had a chance to talk with one of the new runners, Nick Jordan, a freshman youth development major, and got a chance to see how the season’s going and what the season ahead looks like for him and his team.

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The Great Golf Team

The North Central golf team has proved that they can compete with teams like Northwestern, University of Minnesota Morris and Martin Luther. The team is the first in North Central history to win the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) championship.

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