Reflecting on the ’90s

A look back on a colorful era. Students express themselves through the art of vintage fashion.

'90s Fashion

The ’90s were never something I liked reflecting on much as I got older. It took me awhile to realize the indentation its art left on me. Bringing back the ’90s, for me, was monumental; something I did not think I would ever look forward to doing. Fashion is such a huge part of culture and so is bringing back what is old. Secret is out, old is cool! From time to time I found myself easing pieces back into my wardrobe. Old novelties are always coming back, whether I discover and respond to it or not. Capturing what drives everybody’s current influence is what matters, though. Millennials are gravitating toward multiple fads these days, but what they do to make that individualistic speaks volumes.

The ’90s look is not hard or expensive to come by and a lot of it is unisex. One of the things I love is that it showcases the art of fashion that is gender neutral and so comfortable. To bring back such rich qualities paired with the personal feeling clothing gives a person is where the story lies. It is like a walking time capsule, starting with a timeless piece- denim.

Denim has changed over time, but denim of the ’90s has that certain aesthetic. You know the one I’m talking about……the mom and dad look! High waisted, baggy in the legs and rolled up cuffs, yes please! Pairing that with a basic baggy tee or a flannel around the waste is something the Gellar’s would most definitely agree upon. It is the story of the ’90s and it’s a personal one.

Students on North Central’s campus do a wonderful job of telling such personal stories through their fashion sense. Freshmen Paige Carroll and Trevor Westad help tell that story.

Paige Carroll- 23

How is your personal wardrobe/style inspired by the ‘90s?

“How ever you want to label “mom jeans.” The jeans I am wearing in this shoot are actually ones I revamped myself. They were men’s Levi’s and I sewed them to be a little more fitted and distressed. I love being able to throw on comfy pants with a tee. Also, my Revlon “Rum Raisin” lipstick. It’s the shade my mom has been wearing for years. It is the most perfect brown nude.”

What is your favorite thing about the era?

“I love the simplicity of the ‘90’s. It was more chill and laid back. I love looking at photos of my mom in the ‘90’s because she was in her late teenage/early twenties. She was the epitome of ‘90’s beauty.”

What do you think of the trend, sticking around? Is it just a phase?

“I honestly think “trends” are fleeting and people are just accepting what other people want to wear. We take elements from different trends and we put together what we like.”

Trevor Westad-20

How is your personal wardrobe/style inspired by the ‘90s?

“I love rocking cuffed pants, converse, denim jackets and other retro pieces.”

What is your favorite thing about the era?

“I love the music that came from the era, especially rap and hip hop.”

Are there any bands/sitcoms/artwork that inspire your look?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Airwas one of my favorite shows growing up! I also loved the movie, Rookie of the Year, which came out in ’93. I think these influenced my style.”

What do you think of the trend, sticking around? Is it just a phase?

“I think it will only stick around for a few years before something else becomes big. I am sure people will still go back and rock the ’90s look every now and then. It is such a fun style!”

An era helps us realize how we lived and what was so special about that time. Fashion is an art and people are the canvas-a history book of style.

About the author: Hillary Streitberger