Campus Organizations help to build a tight knit faith-based university


North Central student organizations encourage students to find authentic community

North Central has many opportunities for students to get involved in the campus community through student organizations. Unlike many universities where one or two organizations have their roots in faith and religion, most of North Central’s student organizations are founded with a basis of faith in God. 

Journey and Delta Kappa are two organizations on North Central’s campus that are dedicated to the development of community for men and women in their organizations and within North Central’s as a whole. 

Delta Kappa is open to all women of North Central. “Delta Kappa seeks to create a way for women to find community, enduring authenticity and a sense of belonging at NCU,” says junior Meagan Teply, director of Delta Kappa. 

Although the name resembles that of a Greek sorority, Delta Kappa is not a sorority, but a women’s ministry and activities organization. As an organization, they realize that what it means to be feminine looks different to every woman, and they look to embrace that and provide diverse opportunities for every woman on campus to get involved. 

Delta Kappa will be hosting a movie night at the beginning of next semester in January. They will also be collaborating with Release, North Central’s human trafficking awareness organization, for an event called Banquet for the Broken which seeks to raise awareness for human trafficking. 

Much like Delta Kappa, Journey is a place where men can come together for community at North Central.  “[Journey’s] main goal is to connect the men of North Central and grow together in our faith and vocation. We want journey to be a place where men come together and pour into each other,” said sophomore Kenneth Schrock, Director of Journey. 

This is Journey’s first year as a student organization, and like many new organizations Journey went through some growing pains at the beginning of the year. However, they are now well supported among the men of North Central. As the organization continues to grow they are searching for more ways to connect with the men of North Central. “There is such a big demographic on men; it’s hard to come up with an event that incorporates the majority,” Schrock said. 

Student organizations help students to find a smaller community within the community of North Central to belong in. Delta Kappa and Journey are two student organizations at North Central that help to shape the community of the University that stands today.

About the author: Northerner Staff